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Eschaton: Sigils of Ruin

Sigils of Ruin Gameplay

Choose your path to Armageddon!

Eschaton: Sigils of Ruin - Cult Champions and Avatars

Eight nefarious cult leaders arise, ready to serve the Dark One. Choose a champion to bolster your starting deck and raise your cult amidst their counsel.

Invoke the Sigils of Ruin!

Eschaton: Sigils of Ruin - Cult Powers

As Armageddon draws nigh, the Champions set forth to invoke the Sigils of Ruin. Each of the cult leaders dictates a unique strategy, leading to the summoning of monstrous Avatar fiends, and empowering potent end game abilities beneath their respective Sigils of Ruin. Choose your path to Armageddon!

Raise your Fortresses as you Conquer the Realm!

Eschaton: Sigils of Ruin - Fortress

While the conquest of the Realm rages forth, use your influence to raise Fortresses in your conquered territories. These powerful strongholds increase your grasp of the Realm Map and encourage deeper strategies for acts of Aggression. Let the sieges commence!

The Inquisition Rises!

Eschaton: Sigils of Ruin - Rise of the Inquisition

As the cults muster and invoke their Sigils of Ruin beneath the gaze of their favored Dark One, a new force rises in opposition. Behold the Inquisition! This non-player force is controlled by a series of new Event Cards and works against the cults in an effort to stop the onset of Armageddon. Rally in the name of the Dark One or fall before the Inquisitor’s wrath!