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Nexus Infernum

Nexus Infernum Gameplay

Summon the Undead!

Nexus Infernum - Skeletal Minions

Through the power of necromancy, animate a gang of skeletal minions to do your bidding.

Master the Ancient Portals!

Nexus Infernum - Portals

Command your skeletal minions to crush your opponents and seize control of the ancient portals within the Nexus.

Channel the Arcane Fires!

Nexus Infernum - Skeletons and Dice Management

Arcane fires rise from the churning portals within the Nexus. Using your undead servants, channel and collect the energy to increase your necromantic abilities.

Invoke the Demonic Host!

Nexus Infernum - Demonic Fiends

Beyond the breach of the Nexus, the heretic progeny await their invocation. Through offerings of arcane energy, forge infernal pacts and increase your blasphemous standing.

Ascend through Blasphemy!

Nexus Infernum - Blasphemy Tokens

In the end, only the most blasphemous of necromancers shall prevail. Destroy your friends and be the first to thirteen points of blasphemy to stand victorious.