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Eschaton: Sigils of Ruin

An expansion to the cult strategy deck-building game.

Sigils of Ruin adds all new themed cults, fortresses, fiends, relics, edicts, auras, events, and omens to Eschaton.  Each of the eight unique cults has their own goals and powers to be unleashed. In opposition to the cults are the Inquisitors: an event-deck-driven force that the cults must repel, lest they stop Armageddon and thwart the will of the Dark One!

Expansion Features

  • 8 Unique Cult Champions, Avatars, and Sigil Placards
  • Fortresses to bolster your presence on the Realm Map
  • The Inquisitors - an Event Deck driven adversary to the Cults
  • Enhanced Curse Mechanics and New Tokens
  • 25 New Event Cards
  • 6 New Omen Cards

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